Gone fishin’

At the Longhorn Ranch we give you our very own private stretch of the Wind River, as well as near by access to countless mountain lakes and streams. For more information on local guides, give us a call!

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The Dubois area is unique and has countless activities to offer.  One of them is FISHING! Sure, we might not get the same recognition as North Platte, Snake or Madison, but on the other hand we are also free of the crowds. 

The fishing here is second to none and we have lots of it.  The Wind is a freestone river that runs right through downtown Dubois.  Along its way down to the valley, different streams feed into the Wind River.  In the river you will find generous populations of brown, rainbow, and cutthroat trout, as well as mountain whitefish.  Between fast moving pockets, deep runs and dry fly flats the Wind offers all the possible places for trout to hide.

Many alternatives

Dredging the bottom with nymphs, chucking big ugly streamers, or waiting for the evening caddis and mayfly hatches to start, the river provides the angler with every possible scenario. Not only do we have the Wind to fish but we also have all the feeder streams, such as the East Fork, Wiggins Fork, Horse Creek, Warm Springs Creek, and Brooks Lake Creek.  Not to mention an endless amount of clear high mountain lakes.  Every watershed near the Dubois area has something different to offer — but all have one thing in common: large populations of feeding trout.

Whether you are a beginner to the sport or a seasoned pro we have the right water for you.

So let’s sum it all up: great fishing, no crowds, a wide variety of streams, helpful guides, and year-round access to feeding fish.

Fly Fishing Gear

Here at the Longhorn Ranch general store, we carry a variety of different flies that work great for our streams as well as the surrounding areas. We have a small assortment of fly lines, leaders, tippet, weights, indicators, and any other accessory you may need for your fly fishing adventure.