Tidbits and facts

On your vacation to Wind River country you will find:

  • 53 mountain peaks in the Wind River Range over 13,000 feet
  • 626 lakes and reservoirs
  • 2,057 miles of rivers and streams
  • 5,242,085 acres (85% of the county) of publicly owned land
  • Wyoming’s highest peak, Gannett, at 13,804 feet
  • 7 of the largest glaciers in the Rocky Mountains, and dozens more
  • 2.1 pronghorn antelope and only 4.1 people per square mile
  • 300 days of sunshine per year
  • Almost 200 miles of the Continental Divide
  • More than 70 miles of the Oregon Trail, much of it on public land

Things to see & do


  • Explore the beautiful surroundings of the Longhorn Ranch, right on the Wind River
  • Visit Yellowstone National Park
  • Enjoy Grand Teton National Park
  • See the awesome colors of the Badlands
  • Drive along the AAA-rated Centennial Scenic Byway
  • In winter, whizz along the Continental Divide Snowmobile Trail
  • Drive around the Continental Divide Circle, rated ‘Best of the Road’ by Rand-McNally


Culture & History

  • Dubois is a True Western Town. Ranchers still ride into town on their horses
  • Stroll around town and soak up the atmosphere among historic buildings and stores, including outfitters, bunk houses, saddle shops and many more
  • Butch Cassidy had a ranch just outside town. He used to come and buy provisions at Welty’s General Store, established in 1889 and still in operation
  • Learn about Dubois and surrounds at the Dubois Museum and Wind River Historical Center
  • Only a few miles from Dubois is the Wind River Indian Reservation, populated by the Shoshone and Arapahoe tribes. Visitors are welcome to Sun Dances and Pow-Wows
  • Timber tie-hacking camps dotted the area in the olden days. Several monuments and historic sites can be reached from town


  • The Wind River Range and Whiskey Mountain just south of town is home to the largest herd of wintering bighorn sheep in the country
  • The National Bighorn Sheep Interpretive Center is a great place to learn about these massive wild sheep
  • Visit the Dubois Fish Hatchery just east of town. Established in 1940, the hatchery is watered by two natural springs just over a mile from the hatchery, supplying more than a million gallons of water every day
  • The Wind River is teeming with Blue Ribbon Trout. Or try your luck in one of the many alpine lakes nearby
  • Animals you might come across include bighorn sheep, grizzly, antelope deer, white tail deer, mule deer, elk, moose, and many others
  • Bird watchers may find bald eagle, peregrine falcon and trumpeter swan amongs the varied birdlife of the High Country

Just for fun

  • Friday night rodeo provides great fun for all the family (during summer months) Tickets available right here at The Longhorn Ranch Resort Reception / store
  • Square dances are held on summer Tuesdays at the Rustic Pine Tavern
  • A spectacular Buffalo Barbecue, staged by the Dubois Volunteer Fire Department, is held annually on the 2nd Saturday of August. They really know how to fire up!